Author and Illustrator in Puyallup, Washington, USA.

Teresa Nordheim is a freelance author and illustrator from Washington State. In fact, it was on the front porch of her grandparent’s beach house where she drew her first illustration. In third grade, she entered her first writing contest. Teresa belongs to SCBWI, has self-published four books, over thirty published articles, won six awards, and drawn numerous illustrations for both print and web projects. She strives to create writing that will inspire, motivate, and educate children by transforming words and art into creations that will jump from the pages.

“My favorite place to visit has always been the library. I can’t imagine life without books. From the moment I could hold a pencil, I found myself writing, drawing, and reading. My idols were, and still are the greats, Roald Dahl, Maurice Sendak, Isaac Asimov, William Shakespheare, Edgar Allan Poe, and Harper Lee. Catch me on a spirited day where I am seeking a get away and I will be reading: Julie Miller, Dana Marton, Charlaine Harris, or Jill Shalvis.". 

Teresa’s ideas for stories and illustrations stem from interactions in her real life, as a mother, nurse, and researcher. Many times the idea for an article stems from her personal search to locate a book that doesn’t exist. Other times, it's simply writing something that will engage readers to pick up a book and sink deeep inside.

Before Teresa became an author and illustrator, she attended college to obtain a degree in science and nursing. After a few years of working in various nursing positions, she found the opportunity to focus full time on writing. She now uses her educational background to research her articles, and books. She now focuses on promoting her name via social networks, and improving her writing skills. She just recently reobtained her nursing license with hopes of beig both a writer and a nurse.


Current Projects:

Tacoma's Haunted History release date Septermber 15th, 2014!


Writing monthly teacher's guides for Spider Magazine.


I Exist! (Non-fiction book detailing mysterious creatures of legends and tall tales. For example, Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Aliens, Ghosts. Each creature will have a chance to prove themselves to children with actual evidence collection.)


Abandoned! (Non-fiction book detailing buildings and cities from around the world which are abandoned and sought after for exploration by the new poular trend of urban exploration.)


Fact or Fiction? (A non-fiction and fiction mix or stories from around the world.  Some stories are based on real events.  Others are pure fiction.  The reader must decide which is which.)


Checking theme lists for non-fiction magazines on the weekly basis and submitting new suggestions for articles.

stick bug

A stick bug hanging from grapevines. This was also created for a contest, "animals". I like how the blackberries turned out. It makes a nice mix of real and cartoon.

Patriotic Pride

This is one of my faves. The quality of the original is not so clear, but this was the logo I entered in the contest for the Island County Fair in 2004. It won and was used for all kinds of items, like bumper stickers and programs.


I entered this one in a "reflections" contest on FB. I love the bright colors and cartoon feel. This is totally my "style".