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Need Something to Read?

Articles to Read I’ve been writing a few articles for It’s not a job that will make me millions but it’s writing, and it’s a little spending cash. At this point, I am writing about parenting and sticking to health related topics for kids. I will expand to other topics as time allows.

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FACES Magazine Ghost Article October 2012

New article coming out in October 2012, and it’s another ghost story. I love writing about ghosts and I love writing non-fiction for kids. So, all in all, it’s a win situation. Will share details as them come.

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My newest WIP

Medical examiner Dr. Juliana James is the one person who can solve Seattle’s recent attacks from an elusive serial killer. In fact, all the answers came to her via her psychic abilities. She needs definitive proof to hold up in court, and she needs to discover the unusual poison taking victims lives before the killer [...]

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February Goals Vs. Results

Book Query 5/2 Magazine Query 5/3 Agent Query 10/10 GOAL MET Rejections 0/6 Requests to Read 2/0 Sales 2/0 Book/Article Release 1/0 Expenses $0.00/$0.00 Income $50.00/$10.50 Book Sales 5/0

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