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My current project is titled: Abandoned. The book will highlight 100 abandoned locations from around the world, including but not limited to:Amusement Parks, Churches, Hospitals, Hotels, Industrial Buildings, Jails, Skyscrapers, Towns, Zoos, Malls, Banks, Railways, Residences, Schools, and Theaters. Each location will tell a brief history, show a photo or two, describe the current status, reason for abandonment, and interesting facts.

I’m currently seeking photo donations for these locations. Due to the volume of the locations, I can’t offer payment at this time but can advertise you websites, and list your name and copyright by your photo. Thanks to several wonderful people I have found on Flickr, I already have 36% of the locations! I will blog about each of the wonderful photographers as soon as I get the photos selected.

I’m also open to quotes, stories or interviews which the photographers might have on their location.

Here is the TOC for Abandoned:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Amusement Parks
Chapter 3: Churches
Chapter 4: Hospitals
Chapter 5: Hotels
Chapter 6: Industrial
Chapter 7: Jails
Chapter 8: Railways
Chapter 9: Residential
Chapter 10: Schools
Chapter 11: Skyscrapers
Chapter 12: Towns
Chapter 13: Everything Else
Chapter 14: Renovation, Recycling, and Restoring

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