Book review: ‘Deathscape’ by Dana Marton

‘Deathscape’ introduces readers to two strangers who met by fate and find exactly what they need.
Ashley Price nearly lost her life in a tragic accident. While ice skating with her young daughter and a neighbor boy, they fell into the depths of the cold, icy water. Ashley rescued her daughter and went back under to save the boy, but lost her own life instead. In fact, she was legally dead before paramedics brought her back to life. The boy died. Filled with regret and guilt, her world is turned upside down and she can’t seem to shake the nasty visions which haunt her. The only way to stop the visions is to utilize her artistic talents and paint what she sees. The trouble is she keeps painting dead people. Until one day she paint Detective Jack Sullivan and something is different. Not only is he not yet dead but his body is buried on her property.
Ashley is afraid of Jack. Since the accident, most people in the small town think she is a complete mental case. Ashley avoids him but he keeps coming back into her life. Her focus is stopping the visions and regaining her life. She must grow strong in order to keep her daughter in her life. There isn’t time for love or a man.
Jack is a cop and suspicious of her already, but he is also drop dead sexy and head strong. He’s after the man who tried to kill him, a serial killer who has already taken the life of his sister. He’s certain Ashley is connected to the killer and maybe even working with him. When he discovers her macabre paintings, he is even more certain. Why does he get a stir inside his stomach every time he sees her? She’s off limits. Why does he enjoy spending time with her five year old daughter? Jack isn’t the fatherly type or even the marrying man.
Will Ashley go crazy or will she allow her heart to fall for Jack? Will Jack figure out there is more to life then catching his sister’s murderer? There is only one way to find out, read the book.
Dana Marton is an award winning author and ultra-talented. Her characters are strong and believable. There is a perfect mix of romance and suspense that holds readers on the edge of their seat and keeps them flipping the pages.
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