2012 Stats and 2013 Writing Goals

Reflecting back to 2012, I see a lot of red on my tracking. However, it was a successful year. I didn’t submit nearly as much as I should have. In fact, my goal was 240 submissions and I actually completed around 100. My goal was to have one article released per month, and I reached 1/2 of this goal. As far as income, I made $200.00 more than my projected goal. I also accepted a position with Spider Magazine writing monthly teacher’s guides in September. So, while I didn’t meet all of my goal, I did reasonably well and plan to work even harder in 2013.

1. I will submit to agents and publisher at monthly.
2. I will increase my writing income by twice the 2012 amount.
3. I will allow myself to get 1 rejection per month. They are going to come, so I might as well embrace them.
4. I will attract an agent!!
5. I will start the publishing process with at least 1 book.
6. I will continue to freelance for Examiner.com and write at least 4 articles per month.
7. I will complete my 3 current works in progress.
8. I will continue writing teacher’s guides for Spider.
9. I will continue to build my writer’s platform.
10. I will do 5 speaking presentations to children on the topic of writing.

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