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I’ve been writing a few articles for It’s not a job that will make me millions but it’s writing, and it’s a little spending cash. At this point, I am writing about parenting and sticking to health related topics for kids. I will expand to other topics as time allows.

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FACES Magazine Ghost Article October 2012

New article coming out in October 2012, and it’s another ghost story. I love writing about ghosts and I love writing non-fiction for kids. So, all in all, it’s a win situation. Will share details as them come.

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My newest WIP

Medical examiner Dr. Juliana James is the one person who can solve Seattle’s recent attacks from an elusive serial killer. In fact, all the answers came to her via her psychic abilities. She needs definitive proof to hold up in court, and she needs to discover the unusual poison taking victims lives before the killer strikes again. Detective Lincoln Thomas is determined to solve the case and keep the good doctor alive. Together they can stop a killer, but they can’t stop love from infecting their hearts and scrambling their brains.

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February Goals Vs. Results

Book Query 5/2
Magazine Query 5/3
Agent Query 10/10 GOAL MET
Rejections 0/6
Requests to Read 2/0
Sales 2/0
Book/Article Release 1/0
Expenses $0.00/$0.00
Income $50.00/$10.50
Book Sales 5/0

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Proud Writer Mama Moment

I was in the office today and overheard a conversation about the recent PTA Reflections contest. We missed the awards banquet last night because Kat stepped into take over an emergency part in the MCT play. The head person was dropping off ribbons and certificates. She told the office staff that only one student was moving on to the state level, Katerina Nordheim!!! Her literature entry won at the District level. She was the only one from her school. One of six moving to state in our entire district in the literature category. There were over 400 entries (all categories) and only 34 moved on to State level from Puyallup. She now has a very large and beautiful ribbon and will will know the state results in April. I’m extremely proud of my budding writer and a wee bit jealous! Her only comment was, “Why can’t I pass writing in school?”

In 3rd grade I entered my first writing contest and lost. In fourth grade, my baby girl could end up with the best in the state award for her story!!!

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January Goals and Actual Numbers

Goal Actual
Book Query 5 0
Magazine Query 5 2
Agent Query 10 33
Rejection 0 4
Request to Read 2 0
Sale 2 0
Book/Article Release 1 1
Expense $0.00 $0.00
Income $100.00 $1.08
Book Sales 5 2

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I Joined in the Fun!

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Mid Way Through January (goals to actual)

Book Query 5 0
Magazine Query 5 1
Agent Query 10 17
Rejection 0 2
Request to Read 2 0
Sale 2 0
Book/Article Release 1 0
Expense $0.00 $0.00
Income $100.00 $1.08
Book Sales 5 2

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2012 Goals

One step in organizing my goals for 2012  is to look at all of the manuscripts I have and see which are ready to move forward, which need work and which need to visit the paper recycle bin.  So I will divide them into catagories and go from there. And on a very personal note, any editor or agent reviewing this is welcome to send me a note stating which book they are dying to publish!  :)

Romantic Suspense

  • Love on Hold Beauty queen Madison Cole finds herself in a heap of danger when a serial killer is on the rampage.  As she goes for a jog to clear her mind, she runs, literally, into a parked car.  Could this be her knight riding in on his worthy steed?  It is a Mustang fast back and the hunk inside is Ethan Ross, a homicide detective who would give his life to save another.  The trouble really heats up when Madison’s wealthy father pulls some strings with the Chief of Police who sends over his two best men to watch over Madison 24/7.  She finds herself face to face with Ethan.  While she isn’t looking for love, she finds herself head over heals and can’t take her eyes off his perfect ten body, her mind off his sweet personality or his adorable South American accent.  However, Ethan is all business and no play.  So they will need to put their love on hold until the case is solved.  *Needs to be reviewed for structure and story line, 75,000 words
  • From the Ashes Drugs. Arson. This adventure sets a young newspaper reporter in the middle of a huge mess.  Lucky for her, she has a gorgeous fireman to protect her, even though he has just got the promotion as top fire inspector, he comes from a family of cops and the knowledge of crime investigation comes naturally to him.  *Needs to be reviewed for structure and story line, 75,000 words


  • Bite of Washington The book features over 180 recipes, several from local professional chefs.  This book features several food festivals/events which take place in Washington state.  Each month highlights five events and has fifteen recipes.  It’s a travel guide and cook book.  People visiting Washington can take a bite home with them.  *Book is currently available via Createspace for $10.  Complete and ready to be purchased by a publisher who will take it to the max.
  • Pizza Anytime Who doesn’t love pizza and why not eat it any time of the day and for any occasion?  This cookbook features pizza recipes for anytime.  Breakfast, lunch, snack, appetizer, dinner, dessert, cocktails and more.  * This is a work in progress and is not complete at this time
  • Cow Kids Can Cook This kids cookbook has a western theme.  Recipes ranging from breakfast to dinner are written in a manner kids can follow and easy to read instructions mean there is little need to adults to help these budding chefs.  *Needs reviewed for accuracy in recipes

Easy Reader Chapter Book 

Every book in this section is based around a series of stories featuring Bartholomew “Bart” Blue.  He is a young, blue alien boy who travels from planet to planet on different adventures of friendship and personal growth. The “gem series” would include trips to all of the planets:  Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Opal, Diamond, Topaz, Amethyst and more.  Each book includes Bart and his friends who play spaceball and enjoy a good plate of spaghetti and eyeballs. Each story is around 5000 words long and aimed to the reluctant readers who want tons of action and fun.

  • Dare to be Different Bart moves from Sapphire to Emerald. He must learn how to survive when he hates everything around him.  When his teacher assigns a project called “Dare to be Different”, the kids in the class use paint to make paint their faces all different color and then they must spend time with their new look and decide how it effects the people around them.  However, if that doesn’t teach Bart it’s okay to be different, maybe his spaceball skills will help him fit in? *Complete but needs reviewed for structure and story line
  • The Crystal Caverns Bart travels with his new friends from Emerald to Diamond where his attends spaceball camp and visits the Spaceball Hall of Fame and site of the Intergalactic World Series. Of course, it is also the home of the monster from the mysterious Crystal Caverns.  Bart would have avoided the caverns if the school bully didn’t throw Sammy Sparkles famous spaceball into the depths of the cavern.  Will Bat and his friends get the ball back before the cavern monster attacks? * Complete but needs reviewed for structure and story line
  • Diamond in the Rough Bart turns in a boring, gray rock for the assignment his teacher gave him and is certain he will fail.  However, with a rub of a cloth, his teacher shows the class the real beauty under the ugly cover. This starts an adventure the the mysterious and magic filled planet of Opal and the search for the owner of the rock, the most powerful wizard in the galaxy.  *Current work in progress

Picture Book Fiction (500 words or less)

  • Doug the Slug Doug is a typical Washington slug who lives in a wet garden and enjoys sliding down corn stalks and nibbling on fresh peas.  However, one day he falls asleep on a car bumper and awakes in hot, dry Arizona.  He must figure out a plan to get home before he is eaten alive by the many predators who are interested in eating him for lunch. *Complete and ready
  • Kat, Got Your Tonsils? Removing of the tonsils is now a fairly routine surgery and often done.  The main problem is, there are very few books dealing with this subject matter. Those currently on the market of outdated. The main character in my story is Kat, based on my daughter Katerina and her experience with having her tonsils and adenoids removed.  It also includes a guide in the back for post surgery kids to communicate with their parents without talking.  *Complete but would like to get a doctor note to add with the book from our physician
  • The Acid Monster Again staring my wonderful muse, Katerina.  Pediatric Gastric Reflux effects millions, but kids have little support and often feel alone in the battle.  The story explains the little fire monster living in her stomach and how she had to deal with it.  *Complete
  • I Exist! This story highlights any creature that remains unknown. Of course, I tackle the classics like Bigfoot.  However, the chapters are divided into different categories like “Kid’s Choice”, which includes Santa and the Easter Bunny, “Fairy Tale Classics”, like ogres and unicorns.  The idea behind this book is mixing known facts with pure fiction to spark children’s minds into thinking, “what if”.  Any creature can be real if people believe.  This has been proven with the platypus and kangaroo.  *Current work in progress, but nearing completion after a major review
  • In Mama’s Arms This story highlights a special day where a mother and child spend the day with each other.  It reminds kids that they are never to big to fit perfectly in their mother’s arms. It was inspired by my two beautiful daughters who will always fit in my arms.  *Complete and available via Createspace
  • In Daddy’s Arms This story is the counterpart to In Mama’s Arms and features a little girl who is disappointed because he daddy is in the military and can’t be there for her birthday.  In the end, her mother surprises her with a trip to the docks where the Navy ship is just coming in and she receives the best gift ever, a hug from her daddy.  This book is dedicated to all military people who give up birthdays and family time to keep us safe.  The goal with this book would be to have my portion of the proceeds go directly to military families.  *Complete
  • The Fourth and Final Sibling Three seems to be a magic number but what happens when you are number four?  The fourth child to match up with three famous siblings? For example: You have met the three blind mice, but have you met their brother who had perfect vision?  *Current work in progress
  • Christmas Porridge This story details the traditions of the Norwegian Nisse and how he impacts Christmas in Norway.  A selfish little girl learns an important lesson when she eats the Nisse’s porridge.  The tricks start and she must correct her mistake to save Christmas.  This story won 4th place in the Whidbey Island Writing Contest.  *Complete
  • Mama, What’s a Mud Pie? As adults get busy, we forget to take time to share in the small, yet important things in life.  This book was inspired by my youngest daughter asking me how to make a mud pie and me realizing that I have never taken the time to teach her.  The main character teaches everyone in her family to stop and enjoy life.  The back of the book includes a recipes for a mud pie, worms included. *Complete and available via Createspace

Picture Book Non-Fiction (around 1000 words)

  • Count Through Norway Kids learn to count from one to ten in Norwegian as they travel through the country learning about the landmarks and life and times of Norway. Examples: 1 King and Queen *Incomplete
  • Count Through Washington Kids learn to count from one to ten while traveling through Washington state.  Kids learn about Washington as they learn to count.  Examples: 5 active volcanoes, 1 space needle *Incomplete
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Looking Forward to 2012 (Writing Goals)

While some will be realistic, some may be far fetched, but a new year brings a new chance to dream big.

I’ve broke every children’s magazine that I had set my sights on.  That doesn’t mean I can’t sell more articles to each of them.  This year I would like to sell at least 12 articles.

Self-published book sales were good this past year but it’s time to take Bite of Washington to a publisher who can make the sales soar.  My goal this year is to continue selling copies of Bite of Washington. At least 80, to keep up with this year.  I would also like to pick up and agent or publisher who can help me make even more money off of this book.

It’s time to sell a book.  My goal this year is to sell at least one book to a publisher or agent.  I will complete this by submitting at least 15 queries per month.

As all of my current agent contract have expired, it’s time to get a new agent.  I will sub at least 15 queries to agents per month this year.

I need to improve my blogging skills and frequency.  Therefore, I will blog at least one time per week.

I will become more active in my writing critique group. I will make time, at least once per week to review others work, and submit mine as time allows.

I will attend one writing conference this year.

I will enter five writing contests this year.


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