Writing Woes

By Teresa / February 9, 2019

Who Would I Interview?

Today I was asked the question, which character from my books would I most like to interview. Now, this is...

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Silly Stuff
By Teresa / January 27, 2019

Which Disney Princess am I?

Taking a break from editing, (5/14 chapters to complete in first round edits) and wanted to blog something entertaining. I...

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By Teresa / January 20, 2019

50% Complete

Today is the first day I have kept down food, and felt well enough to resume editing. I stumbled upon...

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By Teresa / January 10, 2019

Currently editing…

Wicked Seattle is now well over 32,000 words long and the edits have begun. The editing process is different for...

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By Teresa / January 1, 2019

2019 Goals

January 1, 2019 is here and to keep my promise to myself, I took a breather from my WIP to...

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By Teresa / December 29, 2018

WIP is 78% completed

Working full time as a nurse and true crime writer is exhausting. I'm thankful for my understanding editor who allowed...

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By Teresa / December 27, 2018

Writing Woes

As the new year approaches I decided it was time to create a new look for my webpage and blog...

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