2021 Looking back..

In early 2021, Wicked Seattle hit the book shelves. Unfortunately, it didn’t receive the normal fanfare as Covid restrictions wouldn’t allow in person meet and greets or book signings. It was a strange sensation to be excited about my book being released but not being able to celebrate publicly. I did compete a few interviews for publication online , which hopefully helped the sales of my new book.

As the year progressed, I decided to change jobs in July. Twelve hour nursing shifts at the jail became quite the stressor and Covid was a daily threat among inmates. While I didn’t mind the environment as much as I thought I would, I knew it was time to move on. When a job opening came up at my daughter’s college, I jumped to the opportunity. The best parts of my new job are that I have meet new friends, my lunch breaks are a great opportunity to write, and I receive an excellent tuition discount for myself and my daughter.

The year ended with an unpleasant surprise as I learned my breast cancer returned and this time, it hit hard. I don’t often share personal news like this on my book blog, but it is life changing and if I can reach others who are going through the same obstacles, then maybe I can offer help.