University of North Texas Ghosts

It’s quite fitting for me to attend and work at a haunted university. After all, my office is adorned in ghosts despite the co-worker that is determined I need to remove my Halloween decorations. The fact is, the nurse in the office next door has been witness to items flying from the shelves in my office long before I arrive. The student health and wellness center is a relatively new building. However, when the original clinic was destroyed, many employees brought with them bricks as a remembrance of the old building. Also, like any good state funded school, most of the old equipment was brought to the new location too. Often spirits will attach themselves to buildings and objects. It’s quite possible student who lost their lives on campus are still attempting to reach out to the doctors and nurses on staff.

Located just down the street from the health center is Bruce Hall, the oldest of all dormitories located at University of North Texas and currently houses incoming Freshman. Who doesn’t love to scare the Freshman? This hall is said to be the most haunted location on campus. Bruce Hall opened in 1946 as a female only dorm. However, it is now coed. Celebrities Meatloaf and Norah Jones once resided at Bruce Hall, but Wanda is probably their most famous resident. In coming students are told the tale of Wanda. She is said to have died in the attic on the fourth floor when the dorm was reserved for females. Wanda is believe to have been an unwed, pregnant student at the university who underwent an abortion which went horribly wrong. Distraught with the lose of her baby and current state of health, she attempted suicide in the attic. Another possible method of her demise could be she, herself attempted to abort the baby and both died during the procedure. One article was located by Ty Phillips of Texas Paranormal which stated a student in the 1950s died from, “a blood flow problem”. However, no further evidence has been located and due to the sensitive nature of her death, it’s possible all evidence is hidden. The only known fact, someone roams the halls and can’t be seen by students. They only feel her presence by moving items and lingering voices. Check out the link below for some evidence obtain by paranormal investigators at Bruce Hall.