Haunted North Central Texas– As a typical Texas thunderstorm rumbles in the sky and flashes of lightning cast a shadow on a moonless night, the ghost of North Central Texas comes out to play.

Texas natives proudly proclaim no other state is as grand or glorious. Explore North Central Texas and discover the former residents who refuse to leave. From the affluent families who continue to reside in their mansions, to empty jail cells that held some of the most notorious outlaws, the ghosts range from party hosts to evil pranksters. Come along to uncover the mystery of the demise of the Smiley family and the stone angel who flaps her wings when no one is watching. Learn the reason the elevators at the Adolphus Hotel frighten guests and the peculiar mineral water that flows through the town of Mineral Wells.

Those seeking a fictional fright won’t be disappointed. North Central Texas presents numerous attractions to brighten everyone’s spooky season.

Haunted North Central Texas (Haunted America): Nordheim, Teresa: 9781467151535: Books

Wicked Seattle- Early Seattle enticed settlers with an abundance of natural resources, potential wealth, stunning beauty, and a versatile climate. It offered gainful employment for fishermen, loggers, and miners, but those who rushed west quickly discovered that all that glitters is not gold. The rapidly expanding city lacked one precious resource: women. Bored men yearned for entertainment, while prostitution, gambling, and illegal alcohol grew in popularity. Over the years, politicians, police officers, and crime bosses accepted graft to keep vice profiting and the city growing, including bootlegger Roy Olmstead and a brothel owner known as Madame Damnable. BUY BOOK

Murder & Mayhem in Seattle- Seattle harbors a dark and violent history that stretches back to a bloody battle between natives and settlers in 1856. In the early 1900s, Dr. Linda Hazzard stole money from countless patients after starving them to death in her infamous sanitarium. Three robbers opened fire in the notorious Wah Mee gambling club in 1983, killing thirteen people in the state’s deadliest mass homicide. Some of America’s most notorious serial killers wrought terror in Seattle, including the Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway. Ted Bundy’s murder spree started in King County before reaching national attention in the 1970s.


Tacoma’s Haunted History- Tacoma hides in the shadows of Seattle, but what hides in the shadows of Tacoma? The city’s paranormal history is riddled with Native American culture, spiritualists, mysterious deaths, tragedy, and curses that dwell in the dark. Much of Tacoma is built directly on top of sacred lands, and many natives of the area can attest that the city is haunted by its past. Desecration of graves can leave troubling results. Hexed citizens can perish. An untimely death can leave behind a soul. These unfortunate circumstances bring forth tales of the strange and unexplainable. Are we alone in Tacoma or accompanied by ghosts of the past?